Synthesis and Evaluation of Anti-Tuberculosis and Anti-Cancer Activities of Hydrazones and N-Acylhydrazones by Using Sonochemistry, A New General Procedure


Background: In continuation of our research on sonochemistry and due to the importance and application of hydrazones and N-acylhydrazones in drug discovery, in this work we report a new general and efficient synthesis of these classes with different aromatic and heteroaromatic nucleus assisted by ultrasound and their respective anti-tuberculosis and anti-cancer activities.

Method: Derivatives 7-chloroquinoline 10 and 12 were the most promising compounds against cancer and TB, respectively. Conclusion: Unfortunately all new hydrazones and N-acylhydrazones evaluated displayed no activity anti cancer and TB.

Keywords: Hydrazones, N-acylhydrazones, sonochemistry, anti-tuberculosis and anti-cancer activities, drug discovery.

Document Type: Research Article

DOI: 10.2174/1570180814666161121120414

Publication date: 1 de Junho de 2017

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