Our research group is located in FIOCRUZ, in the denominated unit Farmanguinhos. The Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology (Farmanguinhos) is currently the largest official pharmaceutical laboratory linked to the Ministry of Health.


     Farmanguinhos also presents different lines of research and specialization and postgraduate courses focused on public health. Among them we can highlight:

1 – Post-graduation stricto sensu: master’s degree in management, research and development in the pharmaceutical industry.

2 – Post-graduation lato sensu: specialization course in innovation management in phytomedicines (Fito) and specialization course in technologies of pharmaceutical industries (TIF).

3 – Improvement and updating courses.

4 – Research and technological development in chemical synthesis.

5 – Research and technological development in the chemistry of natural products.

6 – Applied pharmacology.

     Our research group is included in the first and fourth items.


     In addition to the Farmanguinhos unit, located at the headquarters of FIOCRUZ, a second unit, named CTM (Technological Drug Complex) is located in Jacarepaguá. This complex produces more than one billion medicines per year for the Federal Government’s strategic programs, which are distributed to the population through the Unified Health System (SUS), in addition to meeting emergency demands in Brazil and abroad.

    Among the products produced by the Institute are antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, anti-infectives, anti-ulcers, analgesics, drugs for endemic diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis, antiretrovirals against AIDS, cardiovascular and central nervous system medicines and to supply programs of diabetes and hypertension. Currently, the Institute can produce more than 50 different types of drugs, according to SUS needs.



48.000 m2 of built area

Technological Drug Complex (CTM). Located at Avenida Comandante Guaranys, 447 – Jacarepaguá, Rio de Janeiro, RJ CEP 22.775-903 Tel / Fax: (21) 3348-5050